Sometimes some information does not display

Hi there,

New user but I really like the concept. Unfortunately some of the information seems to disappear in notes. Some times it comes back but then it will disappear again. I’ve taken a picture to show what I’m talking about but this won’t let me upload it (does this instead

I’m using the app on the Mac OS if that helps.

That’s odd, a few questions:

  • Do you have any notes collapsed in your library at all?

  • Does it happen right after you switch from a different project or at startup?

  • Does it always happen with this note?

Hi Mekentosj,

I did not have notes collapsed in my library, and it happens when I switched projects or even if I was just scrolling in my note. It happened with multiple notes, not just this one. I stopped using Agenda for a while and when I came back the problem went away! I’ll let you know if it comes back.

Very odd, let us know if it indeed comes back, thanks for the follow up.