Slows when writing large document



Trying out Agenda and the text input seems to slow up when writing fast or longer notes. I don’t know if it’s the spell check or what but there was certainly a lag.


Yes, that is something we will be addressing in time. It requires some non-trivial changes.

Thanks for the feedback! Make sure you get today’s update. It improves some performance aspects.



This problem has not been fixed.


Thanks for getting back to us. Indeed, it requires some quite major changes to improve this. Not something we can do quickly, but we will get to it.

A workaround for now is to split large notes into smaller notes.


That’s not a workaround. I don’t really understand what this app is for. Is it for writing short notes for planning and then you actually do the work somewhere else? I struggle to see the point of that if the main feature of the app is the idea you’ve organised yourself.
If you have to do the work somewhere else but can’t add attachments, you’re just making more work for yourself to keep things organised somewhere else.


Is this still related to slowness? We made dramatic improvements to that about a month ago. Large note editing should be much faster.

I’m not really sure what the other questions relate to. The sample data gives a pretty good idea of how you can use the app. You can link to other apps and files in Finder, and attachments are coming soon.


I have some pretty long notss, though not exceedingly long, and I’ve not hit the slowness at all. I have a MBP though with a lot of memory and a fast processor, too.

Drew, there kind of is a two-edge sword right now with Agenda. It’s extremely flexible, and that’s good and bad. The good side is that each person can find their own way to use it without having a lot of restrictions. The bad side of that, is Harry’s frustrations, and that is, the application doesn’t retrict you and thus dictate a specific function/usages. This has been something I struggled with, but it dawned on me that’s been the real issue all along.

If you took everyone’s wishes into account you’d need to explode Agenda to be something like Curio or DEVONThink. Then again those apps are rather pricy, too.

Harry, just as a suggestion, try NOT to look for speicifc restraints. Asking how to use an app, is valid. Sometimes the answer, though, is “you decide”.


We had as a guideline all along that, if you wanted to, you should just be able to start using the app like you would use Apple Notes. I think we met that objective reasonably well: you can ignore the dates and calendar events, and just use it as lists of notes. The sample data shows that the app can be used for a wide variety of different note taking activities and styles.

If you start this way, using Agenda as a simple notes app, you will gradually start to find other uses. Maybe you realize you can plan for a meeting the next week, or a vacation the next month, so you start attaching dates to those notes, and maybe put them “on the agenda”. You grow into it.


I could confirm that editing is still pretty slow on average size notes, especially when adding a new line.
I attached a small video to demonstrate my own user experience.

With average note:

With small note:

Agenda version: 2.6
Macbook Pro 2017 Core I7 16gb SSD 256gb
MacOS Mojave 10.14.1


We are about to launch the images/attachments, and have plans to spend time on performance straight after that. We should be able to improve on current performance quite a lot. That is the plan.