Sign in with Apple ID does not allow alternate Apple ID

What I did:
I got a new work laptop and I want to “restore purchase” to unlock the awesome premium features on Agenda. I downloaded Agenda from my Apple ID (Personal and the one I used to purchase premium). Note that because it’s a work laptop they have provisioned a different Apple ID (Work)

What happened:
When I hit sign in with Apple ID, the window only allows me to use the Apple ID (Work) account and I’m not able to switch to my other Apple ID (Personal) account.

What I expected:
I want to be able to switch to use my Apple ID (Personal) so I can restore and enable the premium features.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I cannot try any method that may cause a data sync to cloud due to sensitive data.
MacOS: Big Sur 11.5.1
MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2020

That is a “feature” of the Mac OS that allows the manager of IT to lock certain features. This can be done with Windows as well. You will need to petition your IT department to give you the ability to use a different Apple ID at work. As that may be considered a security risk or a liability for the company they may not allow it. You may need your supervisor to back you on the request.

Thanks mkazlow, agreed. I found a workaround for this by signing out of the Work Apple ID (via the System preferences) and temporarily using my Personal Apple ID. The login flow in Agenda then supported my intention because it uses the Apple ID on the system.

I guess a secondary purpose of writing this post was to also explore if Agenda had a way to specify which Apple ID to be used to “restore purchases”. I hope that makes sense!

I’m afraid we don’t have any control over this. Apple have setup the system to work with a single Apple ID. We interact with the system for purchasing and syncing via iCloud, and we don’t have the option to use a different iCloud account for that.