Showing tags in collapsed view

Tags are great and help me to quickly filter, move and manage my notes. The way I manage my notes is that I collapse them (since a note is too long), view, triage, and also maintain an order. However, when doing so, I am not able to see the tags as it collapses along with the note content.

What I would like to see is the ability to view the tags as well in the collapsed view. Maybe even a simple excerpt view that would display the first few lines would solve the problem.

Are there any plans to build such a feature?



Hi Chaks,

It’s good to be able to see at a glance what notes are about. It’s not possible to go beyond obvious titles through tags (yet?).
What I do is put “theme" emoji’s in the title-lines. So when I use Quick Jump / View, I can immediately see the main persepctives of all notes.

Hope this helped,


This is an interesting idea. Will think about what we could do.


Thank you!