Show full event name in linked note

Now, in a note linked to an event, we see the event date in the note’s upper right corner.

I would like to optionally show the full event name + date + time in that corner of a note. If the note doesn’t have enough space (such as on iOS) then maybe this suggestion would only apply to macOS?

So, this way, my note “Pick out new tuxedo” could show it is linked to “Accept Nobel Prize, May 23, 2023 7:00 PM” :smile:

Interesting suggestion. We have more things coming for the upper right corner, so it might get cramped. But we’ll keep it in mind. Thanks!

Thanks. There’s nothing golden about the upper right corner of a note. The linked-to-event name could be a subtitle for the note. Or (not my favorite) the tooltip that appears when the pointer hovers over the date could include the event name.

The latter is definitely the easiest to implement, and for now probably what we’ll try to add in the short term.

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