Show event details when clicked on the Calendar pane

I think it would be great if I can access event details when I click on an event on the calendar pane.

Sometimes I have meeting links included in the event details that now, I must view the event in my Calendar app which is a little inconvenient.

If you have the premium features you can click an event and choose Edit from the pop up menu, which will show the event details indeed.

Hi mekentosj,

Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I forgot to specify that the event is under a subscribed calendar that is linked to my Google calendar. I’m not able to edit the event therefore not able to see any details.

I see, we’ll need to think about how to resolve this.

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For me Google is the main calendar but I also use Calendars (by Readdle) - when inserting an event to Calendars it doesn’t appear in Agenda timeline (probably because it doesn’t go into iOS Calendar. So need to get input straght from Google cal…

If you configure your Google account in the system preferences it should also show in Agenda (and the system Calendar app indeed).