Show all reminders

I am trying to reduce the number of apps I need to use.

Is there a way to just list all reminders Agenda has access to, maybe sorted by list, date etc?

I don’t think there is any direct list, but the reminders should appear in the right column with the calendar events.

You can also go to the Reminders app itself. I believe it has backlinks.

Another way may be to make a special group in Reminders just for Agenda, and make sure you add reminders to that group from inside Agenda.


Duh! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks so much!

It would be great to have this view in the future, so that one does not need to leave agenda to have an overview of the open reminders/tasks.


Yes, this falls in the same category as having an overview with all unchecked checklist/todo items, which we’d like to add at some point.

Sounds great - thanks!

The more I use Agenda, the more I like it - keep it up!

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One solution could be the same you offer for questions: “Search in all projects”

That could be a great first step!