Shortcuts and Agenda are a great combination



I love Agenda- it has really complimented my workflow. In addition to talking notes through the day, I use it for running meetings. After a lot of lurking and learning from this site, I have found that iOS shortcuts is a wonderful complement and wrote a couple of shortcuts that significantly help. Shortcuts that make templated notes are a big part of my workflow. One of the shortcuts I use makes agendas for meetings. I thought i would share it since it helps me everyday. (thanks to all on this site who shared the information I needed to build this!)

Link to shortcut

I use this for meetings that don’t repeat too often. For those. I use a modified version that automatically fills in much of the detail that this one asks (like meeting title, purpose, etc).

If you think this is useful- make a project called “Inbox”- the agenda is sent there. I then move it to the project it belongs in.

I add 2 tags automatically: one is “agenda”- I use this until the meeting is over then I change it to “meeting notes” (allows me to better search for meetings) and I also add “open”. “Open” allows me to search for meetings that are not finalized (need more information added to notes or questions answered)

I am certainly no programmer and bet this can be improved on.


Nice work! Thanks for sharing.


great example, thank you!


Yeah, this is very nice. And it also shows our thinking for future features is probably spot on (eg templates, quick entry). Thanks for sharing!