Shortcut to link to current event

I would love to be able to type a keystroke and link the current note to the current event. Is this possible?

Can you clarify what you mean with the “current event”, you mean an event that is currently ongoing, like a meeting you are in? The problem I foresee is what to do if there are multiple events ongoing, and would an all-day event also be considered a potential current event?

Yes, that is what I mean. Perhaps it could ask the user? Or there could be settings to determine what it does in each of these situations. I usually don’t have two things going on at once. But it always feels one or two clicks more than necessary to choose a date for the note.

I’m afraid that would just reintroduce the two clicks we’re trying to avoid. Easiest remains to just drag the right event on the note or click it and choose “Link to selected note”.