Shortcut isn’t working

Hi, I’m using Drafts to save to Agenda.
I changed the project name to emoji icon, so the process can’t be finished.


I’m wondering if I set anything wrong?
Or just Agenda doesn’t support emoji shortcut?

That’s my callback URL:

I think maybe the problem there is that URLs don’t support emojis. You probably have to use percent escapes.

Go to, and fill in the emoji text (not the whole URL). Encode, and it will give you what you need, namely, %F0%9F%93%A5.

Then fill in that for the emoji.


I think that should work.

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Wow, you are awesome! It indeed worked!

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Glad that worked!

That’s a cool online tool!

You can also (if desired) do this inside Shortcuts by sending text to a URL Encode action. I’ll often do this with everything going in to a URL scheme, just in case.