Sharing to Agenda - Specify Default

When I share text to Agenda from another app, I would like the sharing interface to open by default to the last created note in Agenda. I think (could be wrong) that it is currently set to open by default to the last note I shared to. Is there a way to change the default behaviour?

It’s indeed the last note you shared to, not sure it makes sense to change this, but we’ll think about it. Note that navigation will already change slightly in the next update.

I can see the reasoning behind the default behaviour, and it makes good sense. It would be nice to have options in preferences to set the default behaviour for different use cases. I’ll keep my eye out for the revamped navigation. Maybe it’ll reduce some of the friction.

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Yes. My preference would be to open the ”project/document tree”, not any specific note.

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Oh good idea. This would be a good compromise.