Sharing does not work for me

What I did: In Safari choose to share a link

What happened: I get a window that says create a note forst in agenda

What I expected: to be able to share a link to a note

I am using Agenda all the time and have projects and plenty of notes.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): All latest version Catalina on Mac OS.

Are you sure you have run the main app with version 10 already? It needs to do a migration the first time you run version 10, sounds like it didn’t do that yet. Does it help if you quit Agenda (the main app), and close the share sheet if it’s still open. Then run version 10 of Agenda to ensure the migration has taken place (all your projects and note should be there, also make sure you don’t accidentally start version 9 again). Then try the sharing again from the app you were in.

I am running version 10.01 (27) Mac App Store. I have quit the app numerous times. I don’t know if migraytion took place, but version 9 is not on my computer anymore and all my projects and notes are there. It is also not a safari problem. When I am in the finder and choose share I get the same issue.

Very weird, can you try rebooting your Mac, maybe it has cached an older version? Also, you do see your notes and projects in Agenda correct?

The rebook resolved the problem. I do see all my projects and notes and when trying to share a link now from Safari it all works. This is probably the best implementation I have seen of a sharing extension. Bravo and thank you for helping.

I have a MacBook Pro 16 inch with 64GB Ram and restart once a week. I had not done this yet since the update.

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Very strange, probably some cache that needed a reset, but glad it works now and happy to hear you like the approach!