Share PDF with title of meeting (rather than present date)

It would be great to be able to have the title of the PDF shared from Agenda as the actual title of the meeting in question, rather than Agenda with the current date.

Is it possible to arrange for this possibility?

You mean as the suggested file name? Or within the PDF itself?

I mean as the filename of the PDF that’s automatically attached to the email…

At the moment, I can be working on different agendas and forwarding them on to people, but they all end up with the same title!

I agree this feature would be very useful.

My main issue with conversion to PDF is when I PDF all my meeting Notes I am unable to differentiate easily when viewing the file which project this is for.

Another useful feature would be for the PDF to get the project name from Agenda and place this on top and have the title below it followed by the text.

I know I could add the project name before the title but it becomes cluttered then.

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Trying on iPad, it seems that the iPad version does the file name title as I’d hoped it would.

Strange to have it done one way on iOS and another on Mac.

Could the Mac version be changed accordingly?

We’ll do our best, can’t promise an ETA but it’s on our (long) list