Share my workflow

Hi! I would like to share my workflow, feel free to enlighten me, if it can help you that would be great.

I set up two special projects, one(named Daily Notes📒) for collecting ideas or daily notes, and one(named About Me📒) for to do list. I captured thoughts and put them Daily Notes📒 by Mac or phone whenever I had. When capturing, I just write them or insert link, and don’t care about phrasing, maybe they are a few words. I like Agenda to do it cause it has beautiful UI and nice typing feel(I write a script in drafts to send thoughts to agenda but I use it less, I like type in Agenda), and I can review them by timeline.

When I am free or feel bored, I will review my thoughts on Daily Notes📒. If a note is of interest to me and can be expanded, I set up a project for it and drag it to the project. (or drag it to a existing project) Sometimes a note contains several ideas(after all, casualy write them down), I use [⌘ /] to split them. So for me, organization is a very critical part, and in order for notes to be migrated between projects, it’s also improtant to keep it atomic. (In Agenda, It seems that the paragraphs are atomic, that would be nice to able to move paragraphs by dragging)

I add a Note contains a todo list in Project About Me😯 and pin it top, If a note in Daily Note📒 looks like to be a task, I will add a todo on that note in About Me😯. For example, I have extracted a sentence that looks wisdom on first reading, and when I review it, I plan to read the origin of this sentence(a book), I add the todo on the todo list note In About Me😯.

I hava a todo list now, I set a reminder⏰ or schedule for one of the tasks that can be performed, In Agenda, it’s very easy. If a task is complex or has tracking value, I create a project for it.

When I worked at this project, I collected some resources, links, views… wrote some thoughts. If I think something for this project should be a task, I easily set it as reminder⏰ or schedule or just todo I should check. I like it that easily set up an agency while working on things, not list tasks before I do. Many tasks come from working process, it is almost frictionless that I just add :alarm_clock: to note in Agenda.

When dealing with a specific job, it’s difficult to discuss how, but I can say that I don’t care about phrasing and organization, while doing my job, I just try to make sure I know what I’m writing down(Agenda likes a staging area for me). When I finished the project, I archived it and embellished the notes that are worth keeping for a long time and put them to Obsidian, then I mark the task as done on the todo list node in About Me😯.

When the todo list has beed processed a lot, I use [⌃ ⌘ B] move the done task to bottom of note, or [⇧ ⌃ ⌘ B] to move other todo tasks to a new note and pin the new note top as todo list and pin the old note bottom(maybe and collapse it). Because Agenda just provide a shortcut key to move unchecked itmes to new note, so I have to [pin new note top]. If I can move checked items to new note(and automatic pin them bottom, collapse them),or when I mark a note as done, pin it bottom automaticly that’s great. just imagine it.:joy_cat:


I don’t use tags much because the problems I deal with are not complex enough to require it.and the result by searching for tags does not differ much from text Tags allow us to organize notes vertically across projects, I know developers are working at it, I’m looking forward to it. :clap:

I have not tried templates, I can imagine some uses for it, and I think the bottleneck in efficiency lies not in the tools but in myself, and I deal with tasks that don’t need it for a while. I mention this to show that we should think more about our current situation when using tools.

Once you like and use a tool, you get used to it. I’m working fine now, but still looking forward to some powerful features like viewing multiple notes at the same time. I have read many posts and seen the commitment of the developers, so I won’t say much more, just wait.

I use Agenda for collection and workflow, in both cases, I use it as a draft box, staging center. When I use it, I just use it. After finishing projects, I transfer important notes or other things to places like permanent notes .

Here’s what I wanted to share, I read a lot of posts in the forum, thanks for the discussion and thanks to the developers!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I somehow missed this post when you made it. Thanks for sharing!

I recognize a lot of the same techniques I have. I have a category called General, with a project called Inbox. In that is a “Daily Notes” note that contains a checklist. I work on that one note all the time. It is my dropbox for quick things I need to followup. If I add something there, I know I will never forget it.

Later, I will process those tasks, and might make a project or something, but it often starts with a quick task in Daily Notes.