Setting up my calendar to start using the app

What am I missing? I’m trying to set up my calendar to start using the app. Why can’t I find a simple explanation to do so?

In order to get your calendars to show up in Agenda, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your calendars are setup in the System Preferences under the Internet Accounts tab (macOS) or Settings under Accounts and Passwords (iOS). After doing so you will need to see your calendars in the system Calendar app otherwise Agenda won’t see them either.

  2. In Agenda make sure you allow the app to access your calendar by clicking Connect to Calendar in the related panel on the right or in the calendar popover when clicking the calendar icon next to the title of a note. The system will ask if you allow access and you should give it otherwise you won’t see the calendar events in Agenda.

  3. Your calendar events should now be showing in the related panel on the right and the calendar popover.

That’s the issue. #2 on your list doesn’t exist on my screen. There is no “connect to calendar” option. Nor is there one in the calendar popover. I’m anxious to get this resolved. Thanks.

Do you see a third panel at all? You may need to open it. There is a small gray handle half way up the right side that you can click or drag to do that.

In that panel, there is a clear button to “Connect to Calendar”