Select text and make it new notes as title and make it agenda link to original notes

Can you add feature, selecting text and make ti new notes as title? and the agenda link of that not to original notes where the selected text is.

Sometimes I need some place to taking notes like result of todos. And if it’s a big projects, 1 notes could be too long to see all at once.

Not sure this workflow is common enough to justify a menu action, but you could probably do this using the new shortcuts (the next update will contain a Selected Text) shortcut.

Sorry, but I don’t get it.
You mean, create shortcuts that enable making new note and make agenda link to the original notes manually?

How can I select previous note and specific text by using shortcuts?

The part that is tricky is indeed the part that replaces the selected text, you are right, the entire flow wouldn’t be possible yet with shortcuts. I’ll write it down as something to see if we can provide a solution for.