Seeing “Pin to top?” Dialog too often

I am putting a lot of content into Agenda recently and am moving some stuff around to organize plans. I expect I will be doing this frequently, as arranging undated notes is part of the early planning process for me (there are also a lot of dated notes, but only for projects in play). This means I am often moving notes to the top of a list and getting the dialog box: Do you want to pin this or move this to the top?

This is a handy prompt the first few times as the user is learning the interface. It quickly becomes tiresome however. Would be great if it only fired a few times and then went away.

I assume you are on iPad or iPhone (as on macOS you can tell it not to ask again)? Problem is that on iOS we don’t have a similar mechanism not to ask again. We’ll have a look if we can come up with something.