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Is it possible to limit searches to a given category?

I’d like to save search views for all on the agenda across all projects in my “personal” category separately from my work one (and my community work one) - I tend to get a bit overwhelmed and distracted when I see them all at once :exploding_head:

Not possible yet, but we’ll take it on board. Improvements to search are in the roadmap.


Is it possible to search for due or overdue reminders within agenda? So I don’t have to use that ugly apple reminder interface?

Unfortunately not yet, you can search for reminders in general by typing #remind in the search field, but you can’t yet filter on due vs undue.

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Is there anyway to search for all notes NOT assigned a date?

Not at the moment no, we’ll think about it.

I’m curious if there’s a way to search for an exact phrase. I’m trying to search for “build vm”, but it appears that the quotes don’t work like they do in e.g. google - I get the same results as if I’d just written the two words as separate terms. Is there a way to do this?

I’ve usually used plain text files for notes in the past, so not being able to drop into the shell and just grep through my notes for when I really need to find something specific is a little frustrating. More power added to searching would be a huge improvement here!

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I’m curious if there’s a way to search for an exact phrase.

Alas, not yet, we hope to make this possible in a future update.

Is there any update on the search functionality? I’m seeing lots of old posts saying this is something high up in priority but nothing about timelines or updates being released. Search is probably one of the most lacking features and it’s extremely important to be able to find everything in an app that’s meant to collect lots of notes

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We agree that it’s one of the most pressing areas, and we do aim to improve it significantly this year, but first have to get some other things out of the way first.

Is it possible to limit my search to a particular string and no more? My issue right now is that I’m trying to find notes that contain “pH”, but the results are useless because there are hundreds of them full of “phone”, “Phil”, etc, etc.

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Not at the moment, we hope to offer more options the future.

Is there any update on the timeline for search updates?

There’s a lot here, so I may have missed it, but I didn’t see this addressed directly: is it currently not possible to find things that don’t match a specific tag? From the other current limitations, I assume that’s the case.

That’s correct, much more powerful search, including binary operators like NOT, AND, OR is planned for a future update.


Are there any new features for „unfinished actions“?

When the ability to search on unchecked checkboxes arrives, it would be absolutely brilliant to be able to exclude archived notes! (Mine are full of uncompleted actions as they were superseded by events etc)

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