Search for notes without either @ or # attached to it?

I’m starting to use @ and # more so I can find notes tagged to a person or sub project, however I don’t always remember to add the tags. Would be useful to search for notes without any @ or # to discover which had been missed and need tagging - much easier than working through a huge list and still missing some.

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We certainly have plans to allow more powerful filtering and searching. Not sure if it would extend to searching or notes with no tags. Seems a bit obscure. I can see your use case, but not sure how widespread that would be. Maybe more related to your particular usage pattern.

FWIW, I don’t always tag with creation of a note. And most times I don’t have a need to link. But I very often have a need to Search (it’s an age thingy). I’m content to wait for what you guys eventually put out, but aside from just released Share and language globalization, nothing makes it to the top of my feature requests as Search.

This functionality is present in a number of note-taking apps for example Bear and also in Task Management apps for finding tasks without next actions assigned (tags)

You mean a negated search. Eg. “Find all notes with no #action tag”

I can see that would be useful. I thought the original point was to find a note with no tag attached at all. That would be a different type of search.

Yes, exactly, a negated search.