Search for # combined with @

Hello everbody,
i have a lot of projects, and i created an „info Note“ on Top of every project where the costumer is tagged as a „people“ tag and the state of the project with a hashtag.
Now i want to search for @xy #open for example. but this doesnt work…
I want to get an overview per costumer with projects are open and want to share this with them.

Searching for @Bob should show notes with that person. Does it not work?

Or do you mean you can’t use an “AND” operation with two tags?

Yes, i was trying to use it as and AND function.
Because this seems to work with two hashtags very well.

I enter something like #A #B and the result are all notes witch contains both of them. As soon as i add a person with @C the result are all notes with #A + #B in it and all Notes witch contains @C but no mater if #A oder #B is in this note where the @C is.

Indeed it is currently limited to two tags of the same kind (tags or people), we hope to bring much more powerful search options in the future.

i hope this is not in the too distant future. i could be realy powerful if you coud combine some people with tags.
But i’ve recognized a much bigger problem, as soon as i want to export the search results as a pdf to send it via mail it does not only cut notes into two pages, but also the Tags. That means the top of the tag is at the end of page one, and the bottom of the Tag is on top of page 2.

Could you share a screenshot?

sure, look at this

Thanks, that’s clear indeed, we’ll have a look if this can be improved.