Search finds only the beginning of words

When I am searching it finds only the beginning of words. This is contrary to what I am used to. And it is not good for a Norwegian, because we tend to put together words into one.

Let me create an example:
In English you say chocolate muffins, but in Norway we make it into one word: sjokolademuffins. That means that if I want to find all occurrences of muffins I will not find sjokolademuffins or bananmuffins.
I often experience this as a limitation. I end up with browsing all the headers in a project to find what I am looking for.

To improve the search function would make a great app even better.

We have plans to rebuild the search. You can imagine that searching every possible run of characters in a word becomes very expensive, but we’ll see what we can do.

Eg At the moment, we search for “banana”, but allowing any run would give “banana”, “anana”, “nana”, ana", and “na”. It is quickly 10 times as much storage to build the search index. We’ll think about how we can do it, but you see at least why it wasn’t done immediately.