Search Completed Tasks

Hi Team,

I am really loving Agenda! You’ve come so far and I am truely impressed! I’d like Agenda to be my core app for tasks and have been experimenting today with them. After I complete a task I would like to be able to access the record if needed.

What I did: Tried to search for a completed task.

What happened: The completed task didn’t show up.

What I expected: The completed task to be displayed.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Premium 15.0.2. Mac OS Montery V12.6

Apple Reminders has this functionality.

You mean through the search field, or in some other way?

Hi Alex,

I’m sorry, I have managed to work this out now, my mistake.

Thank you for replying though. You guys are amazing!

Kind regards,


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