Search calendar

An option for search in calendar for appointments :slight_smile:


I’d like to think that’s very helpful.

Noted, we’ll think about it.

+1 on this.

Right now if I want to link an existing calendar / reminder to a note, I have to:

  1. Open Calendar/Reminder app
  2. Search for the Calendar/Reminder
  3. Take note of the date
  4. Go back to Agenda
  5. Create / update the note
  6. Scroll the calendar in Agenda and select the Calendar/Reminder from step 3.

For a date-focused note taking tool, it’s amazing that the ability to search Calendar/Reminder within the app is non-existent. Agenda already have the ability to list ALL Calendar/Reminder events on the sidebar, so this should not be hard to implement.

so this should not be hard to implement.

Famous last words :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unfortunately for technical reasons this in fact isn’t as easy as it seems, what Apple provides is alas not a simple “here’s my query, return me the events” interface, it would require quite a bit of work to add this feature. It would certainly be a nice to have, but unfortunately not something we can whip together in a day, which means it has to compete with a lot of other items on our list that probably have higher priority.