Screenshot - Amazing!

Just using Agenda on my Mac and about to make a screenshot and then import it into a note… and then I found the “Capture Selection from Screen”… and it worked great! I had no idea it was there.

It’s only a small thing but I wanted to feedback how excellent Agenda is. Thank you for all your work.


Glad to hear you found that one and like it!

Could you share where to find the Capture from Screen? I can seem to find it for some reason. Thanks!

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Thanks. I actually don’t see that listed in my note options when I bring up the menu. I don’t see Import Image or Capture Selection. Is there a reason, setting, why I wouldn’t see those options?

I’m on version 5.1 and Premium

I don’t have this option too. Premium, Version 5.1(59), newest Version of MacOS.

same here - no options…

Interesting, it seems to depend on what macOS version you use, the screen capture menu item seems only available on 10.12 and 10.13, on mojave you’ll find this menu:


There’s an alternative, perhaps this is available on Mojave too, there’s also the option in the Services menu:

or perhaps you need to enable the service first here:

Unfortunately, the service was removed in Mojave, and is not even available in the Services section of Shortcuts.

The best you can do now is to use the CTRL-SHIFT-CMD-4 shortcut to select a part of the screen, and have it on the clipboard for pasting.

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