Saved Searches: Multiple Tags



(I don’t think this is possible yet. Please let me know if I just couldn’t figure out how to do it.)

I would like the ability to filter a search using multiple search criteria please.

e.g. Currently, I can only search by #project or #project-notes or #project-plan`.

I would like to be able to do a search like: #project & #plan (instead of #project-plan).

Thanks! Loving the app!


Glad you like Agenda! We don’t have support for boolean searches yet, we hope to bring this in a future update.


Thank you.

Although it doesn’t have to be a full on boolean search feature. Just really - multiple tags to start it off?

Thank you


I recently experienced this limitation also. I was searching for multiple tags and wanted to save it as an overview. I am using multiple tags to further filter the search details / fields. But since this is not yet supported, I ended up having unecessary notes included.

+1 Vote for this feature. Thanks.


It seems possible to search for

#tag1” “#tag2

as a workaround, but it is very clumsy.


Thanks for the suggestion, and it works amazingly well. At last! :slight_smile: