Resizing problems

I am having problems when resizing. The texts trails off and dosen’t format properly. This only happens when the side bar is opened and closed copled with agenda not being at full screen.

Can you send us some screenshot showing the issue?

I have three screenshots for you. The first is at full screen after the bug the text are not centered. Seconed screenshot is split screen before the bug. Third is when the the side bar opened and the texts is shifted to right. Fourth is when the side bar is closed and the resizing problem appears.
I was doing some light testing. The bug only happens with webex and not other apps. It might have to do with the mac extention and something not your fault but a bug to bring up.

Four screenshots*

We made some changes in the upcoming version 11 update, could you give it try and let us know if those fix the issue once it’s out?