I’ve been importing my notes from last week for the last hour to explore the feature set and decide if Agenda is for me. Overall, I really like it. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that without a Reports feature, I can’t get enough value from it.

Here’s what I want: the ability to make a report based on formatting choices I make. I can do a lot of that with the Search All feature, but not enough. I want to use it for weekly status reporting, which means being able to set rules for how the content will appear. For example, I might want it to form a categorized bulleted list with multiple levels of indentation, or a single-depth bulleted list without indentation, but where the category and project are prefixed on each line. I might care about sorting by topic, by forward/reverse)chronology, etc…

If customizable export formatting is too big of a scope, I’d also settle for a “Condensed export”, e.g. something like:

- **Category**: *Project*: Title: Body

Perhaps with options for truncation at new lines, character limits, etc…

I see that the Agenda file format is a json file in a zip file, so I think I can implement the reporting functionality I want.

I would gladly upgrade to Premium for this feature though.

The Agenda file format is indeed a json file, but it’s quite raw data so perhaps not trivial to make the report you want, depends on your coding/scripting skills. We do have plans to allow more fine grained control over the way you can create overviews/summaries of your notes in future updates, which you could then export as markdown or PDF.

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Given a path to an agenda file, I went as far as extracting the json and decoding it into types, but then I realized that it doesn’t export the name of the project or the category, so I abandoned the effort.