Replacing Evernote



One of the reasons I started using Agenda was that I wanted to find a replacement for Evernote. I’m not at all pleased with how Evernote tries to lock me in.

I know the Agenda team is working on some of these items, but here’s my wish-list to push Agenda over threshold where this might actually become a possibility.

  1. Search Results. I need more powerful search capabilities that return results by relevance, in a condensed manner. One thing Evernote is very good at is letting me type a few words, and getting highly relevant results quickly. Probably the biggest problem I have with Agenda now is that my search returns entire notes, not a short index of note titles. I actually have to scroll through huge volumes of notes… when really all I need is to scan over the note titles. So, feature request: Include a search results view that only shows note titles.
  2. Tag index. What are all my tags? I’d love to be able to look at a list of all tags, pick a few, and get results based on those picked tags. Right now I think I’ve entered tags into the system… and have forgotten what they are. How do I find those tags again?
  3. Integration with Reminders. I actually use OmniFocus, but if I was able to select part of a note, and that created a reminder, then OmniFocus will take it from there automatically. The key for me would be a) being able to create reminders with a hotkey, based on selected text; b) a link to the Agenda note being included for quick return to Agenda.
  4. Attachments. Inline attachments. Previewed attachments (e.g. images, PDFs) so I can just view them in Agenda. Embedded attachments e.g. any non-previewable file I can just drop into a note.
  5. Diagrams. Inline, easy to draw.


Thanks for the feedback, you’ll be happy to hear that most of these are on our radar, see The features we are working on right now… and elsewhere on this community.