Replacing Apple Notes with Agenda: what’s missing

Hi there,

I’m a new and enthusiastic Agenda user – so I thought I’d offer (admittedly entirely unsolicited) my feedback on the features I personally need to definitely retire Apple Notes in favour of Agenda.

– a “Share to Agenda” extension that can be accessed within macOS and iOS apps
– an “Inbox” project; yes, I can create this now, but I’d prefer an Inbox that is built into the app
– password-protected notes (I understand this is on the way)
– collaboration; but, ideally, not just through the app (since this is also quite limiting with Apple Notes) but through recognised collaboration platforms such as Google’s apps
– document scanning (with OCR optional)
– adding photos, videos or audio in-line to notes
– adding sketches in-line to notes
– adding tables in-line to notes
– a media “Attachments” overview like in Apple Notes

I also think a couple features from Things could help – i.e. a “Logbook” of completed notes; the “pin to bottom” idea I’ve seen elsewhere is quite helpful. I also like Things’s keyboard shortcut for adding tasks from within other apps – a similar feature for Agenda could be cool.

Don’t get me wrong – I think the “opinion” and design of Agenda is far superior to Apple Notes and better suits my way of working. I’ve just come to reply on some/all of the above features in Notes so when’re available in Agenda it’ll be perfect. :slight_smile:




Thanks for the feedback, most of the things you mention have indeed been requested by others too (see also The features we are working on right now…) and in general are on our wishlist too.

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