Render Markdown Tables in Notes

Notes don’t seem to render markdown tables. Adding that as a feature would be nice.

My apologies if this request has been posted before. Let me know if there’s a better place to submit this request.


We are working on tables in Agenda, but not sure whether we will support markdown tables. Perhaps at some point, but probably not immediately.

Agenda is not a markdown editor. It does have some markdown shortcuts, but once the markdown has been detected, the text style adapts and the markdown symbols are removed.

We are adding full table support now. Something like what Apple Notes has.


Thanks for the quick response. Ultimately, I’m happy either way— I’m just after a table. The implementation details are less important to me.

Being familiar with markdown, my being able to use markdown would be nice, but it’s certainly not a requirement as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks again,