Reminders - No Notifications/Alerts & Can’t Customize Reminder Day & Time

What I did: Using Agenda only on iOS (iPad & iPhone). Created reminders in several notes. Gave Agenda permissions to access Reminders. Made sure Reminders Notifications are turned on.

What happened: I did not get any sort of notification or alert on my iPhone or iPad. I tried editing the alerts to test and the date always forced itself to the next day. It would not allow me to set it to “today.”

What I expected: Notifications/Alerts to pop-up like they do for my other reminders that I did not create in Agenda, and the ability to set Reminder alerts to any day and time that is not in the past, even if that is just 5-minutes in the future.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 6.0, iOS 12.3.1 (iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen. and iPhone 6s+).

I am sure this is most likely user error. I have tried quitting the Agenda app and relaunching.

That’s very odd, can you try the following:

  • Open the on your iPad

  • Create a reminder there

  • Double-tap the home button and swipe up the Agenda thumbnail (to force quit it)

  • Start Agenda

Does it now allow you to create a reminder?

@mekentosj haha! Thanks. That seems to have worked.

That’s great to hear, cheers.