Reminders in iOS 13.1

Just a question!
Is Agenda already supporting the new Reminders structure?
I am behind on my Mac, but Reminders don’t sync anymore with the new Reminders version of iOS 13.1. So I was wandering if Agenda has the same problem!

Agenda uses the reminders from the reminders app, so yes, if your reminders don’t sync they will also not show on that device in Agenda.

Reminders syncs within iOS 13, but not with the version 12 Reminders app and also not with a Mac not on Catalina.
I noticed however that Agenda on iOS 13 does not even show the Reminders on the iOS 13 platform.
Nobody else noticed this?

Did you give Agenda permission to access your Reminders? Also, does it help if you create at least one reminder in the Reminders app on your iOS13 device?

Now noticed a tiny circle on the top of the screen left of the + sign of both iOS 13 devices. Pressing that showed the Reminders again. I didn’t know the meaning of the circle and it seems to come and go though.
Adding a Reminder on the iOS 13 devices works OK.
I was hoping syncing Agenda’s would also make Reminders show on the Mac (with High Sierra running), but it did’t.

The tiny circle makes the calendar scroll to Today, which means that you didn’t see the reminders because the calendar was showing a different day than the one on which the reminders were present.

No, Agenda displays the reminders that sync to your computer through the Reminders app, not the other way around.