Reminders 2019 (iOS13, Catalina) Compatibility with Agenda, GoodNotes

Here’s a related discussion in the GoodNotes forum.

I’m curious how Apple will be handling the API going forward. It seems a number of the existing API’s are broken in beta with the new reminders database when you upgrade.

Thanks for the feedback. Our early testing suggests the stuff we are using is still supported, so hopefully just temporary beta glitches.

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Don’t push the upgrade button yet. It will mess up if you have older OS running Reminders. My advice is don’t push the upgrade button until final release in September. Most API changes were in EventKit and Agenda is probably not using that for Reminders integration. Goodtask already said the stuff like subtasks is not open for Devs to use.

In my tests I started with a fresh install, so no need to migrate (agreed that you probably don’t want to do this until the final release). There are actually no changes in event kit itself (they added a few error codes and one call that might fix some issues with certain calendars not appearing in Agenda on iOS), otherwise it works the same way. The way I think it works is that the sub tasks feature, like ordering reminders manually, is done and maintained completely in the Reminders app itself and it likely syncs this data independently from the event store, or at least it is not exposed to us developers. Hence we cannot use or update it. For Agenda this is not really relevant fortunately.

One thing I noticed is that I didn’t get the sub task stuff to work at all, perhaps it’s broken or not yet there in the WWDC build?