\remind commands

I’m loving the new 6.0 update with Reminders integration! Is there documentation anywhere on the “\remind” shortcuts? \remind(today) and \remind(tomorrow) both work, but what I’d really like is a way to create all-day reminders quickly (without needing to use the mouse).

Either a \remind command or a preferences option to default to all-day reminders would work for me. The context here is I’m importing these reminders into Things 3, which has a date-focused (not time-focused) workflow. My workaround right now is to remove the reminders when importing to Things, but that’s tedious.


We’ll update the Dates, Events, and Reminders shortly, but it makes sense to add a flag to the remind command indeed

Thanks! Perhaps \remind(day) or \remind(allday) could work to create all-day reminders on the current day?

We have something like that in mind indeed

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In your testing with Things 3 importing and all-day reminders, are you seeing the behavior I described here? All-day reminder weirdness

To be very honest, we haven’t done any testing in terms of compatibility with Things.

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m seeing. Looks like all-day reminders come in undated, while standard reminders come in with a date and a timed reminder.

The workflow I’m looking for resides in the middle, where I’d like Things to be able to pull in a dated task with no specific time associated with it.

Yep, same here. It may be an issue on Things’ end, and it may totally change when iOS 13 comes out.

A quick update: we have found one cause for all-day reminders to show up still with a specific time, we’ll try to fix that in a next update. Hopefully that fixes import into Things as well.

Any update on creating an all-day reminder as default when using the \remind command? I don’t know about others but most if not all of my reminders are all-day reminders. (So that I can manage my own pace during the day, prioritizing when I would like to do certain tasks)

Thank you very much!

It’s on the todo list but can’t promise when it makes it to the top

Thank you this would be really useful.