\remind broken with latest update

The latest update says

Reminders created using markdown will no longer be Untitled and instead receive the note title

I’m not familiar with the original bug, since I always use the \remind function to remind me about the line I’m writing. For example, if I write

- talk to Bob about the thing \remind

I used to conveniently get a reminder titled “talk to Bob about the thing.” This is how reminders should work.

After the latest update, all reminders created with \remind have the note title, which is worthless. For example, say we have some meeting minutes:

Meeting minutes
- talk to Bob \remind 
- tell Alice not to deploy that patch \remind

Instead of getting two helpful reminders, I get two called “Meeting minutes.”

Is this a bug? Can anyone help me understand how to get reminders functionality back? It’s completely broken right now.

That’s indeed an unfortunate regression, which will be fixed in the next update. Apologies for that!

So glad to hear that, thanks for confirming! If anyone else runs into this, my workaround is to select the entire line and use Cmd+Shift+R to create the reminder – that correctly pulls in the line text.

Really excited for /remind to come back though – is there an ETA for the next update?


No ETA yet, we’ll do our best to squeeze it into a minor update soon.

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fwiw it appears that it’s only when \remind is provided without a time. e.g. \remind(8pm) will create a reminder at 8pm with the title set to the line’s text, as expected.

Seems like this is fixed in the 12.0 release?

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