Regarding best-fit workflow, FYR

Get to the points of my 5 cents:

  1. please do not hold an ideal hope and asking Agenda to do everything for all the people.

  2. IMO, Agenda does as what it should be – an agenda, which is calendar centric notetaking app combined with three layers categories of multi-purpose project or mission delegation hub and a big plus for in-the agenda or Apple reminder tracking features as well.

  3. It depends how you intend to use Agenda, either you want it well-organized or tight to different services for a personal or business-driven approach such as email, cloud services(personal/enterprise-grade), instant messaging systems, social media groups and collaboration services such as Slack or JANDI.

  4. You may utilize databases (such as DEVONthink) or other time management tools(such as 2Do alike) which fits your workflow.

  5. CalDAV is optional for access and sharing your task in a browser via iCloud(Note: CalDAV also supported many 3rd party servers as well).

  6. Furthermore, Toodledo also offers a multi-platform synchronization service.

With all the layers of thoughts, from note plane to data transit or tracking purpose, we may need to collaborate with various applications, cloud services, including open APIs.

My suggestion is that everyone shall look into their thinking patterns a bit deeper and perhaps we should use mind mapping software serve us clear the mist of the enormous data strike and finding the best way to use Agenda and building a well-fitted workflow for ourself.