Reducing the number of clicks for formatting


I use Agenda on iPad pro. When typing there’s a bit of a barrier to changet he formatting.

When making a list I have to choose the bullets icon from the formatting list andthen choose the list type I want. It takes two taps to change it to a list, then when I want a header or title I need to click back and choose the H1 formatting then choose the heading I want.

I noticed that with Apple notes (Although I am aware they have fewer options) that they made it a bit easier by showing all the formatting options in one window.

Thanks a lot for your efforts :pray:

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It’s a tricky one. You are right that Apple Notes wins with 2 clicks in this case. If you use the full width screen, you can also do it with two clicks in Agenda. And Agenda keeps what you are working with on the screen. If you are working with inline styles like bold, you can then hit them in one tap, where Apple Notes will take two.

There is no perfect solution, and all are compromises. We have gone for what we think is OK for smaller screens, but maybe we will come with something different later.

Thanks for the feedback!
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I see, I didn’t know it was working the same in full screen. I use it in split view so that’s why.
I’ll also try to think of a way and maybe post a sketch if something came up. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

On the iPad Pro, I usually keep the Header formatting tab visible and use Command-B for bold, Command-I for italics, etc.

I do like how Apple Notes presents text and formatting options. Love Agenda, though!

Yes that would work in fullscreen. I usually use Agenda in split screen. It’s a note taking app after all, so such usage is very comming I guess.

The view you get in split screen is actually the iPhone layout, which explains the difference.

Yes I thought so. I was just using the app in full screen mode. Here’s the thing between Apple notes and Agenda, if you click on the formatting options in Apple notes you get them all open, so it’s basically one click then another to choose formatting. In Agenda you need to first choose what kind of formatting you need then choose the formatting from it’s own list. The unified window that Apple notes uses is a great shortcut because it cuts down on the thinking process of understanding the icon then choosing it. This might be a minor issue but when typing this type of activity cuts the stream of thoughts.
The other more important part is that when you open the formatting window in Apple notes, the window stays open. So now I can keep typing and choose the right formatting directly without any road blocks. This can be very helpful as I tried it while in a course and was summarising what the lecturer said, it was very smooth.

Here’s my suggestion to this issue: Make an option in settings or anywhere convenient to choose a unified window for formatting. It’d be great if we could also pin that window to bottom so it’s easily accessible while typing on a keyboard.

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Thanks for the feedback! We will consider it.

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