Recentedly edited notes - behaving weirdly

I have a note, created in March, that I’ve not edited in months. But it keeps appearing in the recently edited notes panel.

When it happened ages ago, I assumed it was something to do with a reminder in the note that perhaps hadn’t been checked off properly. I deleted the reminder, but it’s still happening.

It seems to dissapear from the top of the list for a couple of weeks, and then it’s back at the top until I edit another note.

Visibly, there’s nothing in the note except text, checklists, an email address and a url to a Teams meeting.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 09.06.50

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 09.06.35

Very strange, would it be possible to send us an Agenda archive of this particular note? You can email it to

Another question, does the note have a linked calendar event?

I’ve looked into this and the updates are indeed due to changes of a reminder (time, title, snoozing, etc). Since the reminder is part of the text we consider this as an “edit”, which is currently also needed to refresh the note a reminder is part of efficiently. So for the time being I’m afraid it’s a nuisance that we’ll have to keep.

Thanks for the update. However, the note keeps coming back in Recently Edited even though the reminder was deleted ages ago.

Was the reminder a repeating reminder?

No, just a standard reminder

Very strange, does it still do this if you copy the contents in a new note?