Rearrange notes from the upper ‘Overview’ menu

The ability to rearrange notes in the project from the upper menu would be a big timesaver. As well as some basic actions as mark as complete, move to agenda, delete, etc.

Which upper menu do you mean, the one that is shown when clicking/tapping the project title of the notes?

Yes, that one.

Ok, thanks for the suggestions, we have some ideas in this direction indeed.

New user here, it would be handy to be able to expand the notes in the sidebar rather than only in the title for easy reorganization. In the examples provided the notes are so big it is difficult to rearrange them easily.

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Yeah this has been requested several times already, it would indeed be very convenient

I also mentioned a similar suggestion, this feature is useful on the iOS side. Currently, sorting notes by dragging on the iOS side is very bad, featuring a project with multiple notes, you have to collapse the notes before dragging to sort them, and sorting notes in the expanded state will trigger the iPhone’s vibration motor, which is a bad experience