Real Shortcuts support

I’m not exactly sure how deep the Shortcuts support of Agenda is. I read in a few threads that there have been issues with Agenda not showing up in Shortcuts so I might be wrong.

As far as I’ve seen the support for Shortcuts is mostly limited to x-callback-urls. Which works for the most part but isn’t as nice as full SiriKit support.

  • With SiriKit support opening/jumping between apps isn’t needed anymore.
  • Retrieving information is much easier.
  • It’s more approachable since you can use a input mask (in Shortcuts) instead of building a url.

Here are two screenshots of examples from OmniFocus (which has a nice shortcuts api and Agendas api could be similar):

That’s correct, it’s limited to calling x-callback-urls at the moment, and also to only writing into Agenda. Native Shortcuts app support, including the ability to read note content from Agenda is on our to-do list for a future update.

Awesome. Looking forward to this update.
Would also be nice to have a way to share more quickly (to use shortcuts).