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If agenda had this feature: dropbox - Menu bar app for plain text/markdown notes? - Ask Different

I wouldn’t think twice to pay for it!

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Hi, not entirely sure to what feature you point exactly, some sort of quick search? Can you elaborate?

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Hey! @mekentosj


I actually mean the menu bar icon + window to put down notes quickly + taking partial screenshots. That’s basically what Evernote offers on the menu bar, but after 7 years of Premium I got tired of my database getting corrupted 3 times a year and I left it.

I must have bought over 10 different apps seeking this feature set (or just the quick writing screen would suffice).

I write a lot specially tech writing (with loads of screenshots) therefore I grew used to this Evernote feature. I miss it terribly and surprisingly I found more people on the same boat on quora, product hunt, reddit and stack exchange.

Congratulations on your app!


Ah, I get it, yes this is indeed an area where we’d like to bring something, we have some ideas, stay tuned!