Project Title notes

Is there a plan to add a small notes section right under the title of projects? Kind of how Things 3 allows you to add a note right under the project name. This will allow me to not have to waste my "pin a note to the top” feature for every single project i make. If this feature is in the works then thank you!!


Can you tell me the usage pattern you are trying to work with? Why are you pinning all the notes?

It sounds like you might want a collapsed state with a bit of text showing, is that it?

Have you seen the project jump menu that appears when you tap the project title at the top of the list of notes?

Chiming in with this. I also pin a note to the top of every project in this way. The pinned note contains links to resources (e.g. a link to the project’s corresponding shared agenda in Google Drive, its project in Things, or a notebook in Evernote.)


Nice tip. Thanks for sharing!

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