Problem initiating a note within Mac OS



I am finding that whislt initiating new notes using IOS devices works correctly, I cannot get past a title line on a Mac OS device - the curser simply vanishes as I press return from the title line
Once the note has been created in IOS it idspalyes and I can add/modify it in MacOS

Latest versions of operating systems and Agenda on all devices

Any help appreciated - thanks


That’s odd, it works fine on this end. Would it be possible to send a screen recording of what you describe?


Thanks for getting back to me… on further testing it does not happen all the time - on this screenshot you will see that the title has been created but below it there’s should be an ‘empty note’ message - when this does not occur (as in this case) I just lose the curser when pressing return


Odd, do you have collapsed notes in the same project? And if so, do you also use version 4?


Here is a new screenshot - all were created one after another using MacOS and in the same project - as you will see three of them are collapsed and two are not

And yes, I am using V4


Ok, that’s helpful, and do you have a lot of collapsed items in the remaining part of the project, even before you started adding new notes to it? Collapsed as in, hiding the text and only showing the title area like this:


Hi, I’m afraid I have deleted collapsed files as they happen so don’t have a history to check - perhaps the best thing I can do is set up a new project and add files each day for say a few days and see if they remain collapsed


Thanks Stanley, that would be great.


Alexander - as promised here is the last few days record - as you can see some are collapsed files and some are not…given that nobody else appears to be experiencing this problem in the Mac OS app perhaps I should delete the app and re-load to see if that corrects the issue?
As I have noted earlier if I now go to the IOS version and click on one of the collapsed files it will convert to normal and once an entry is made I can use it normally in the Mac OS version



Are you using the beta version by any chance? Could you do a check for updates to see if any new version is available? Or are you using the Mac App Store version?



I am not using a beta version but V4 from the Mac app store. I will now try deleting the app and re-loading it and see if that resolves the issue - I will let you know