Problem during import from apple notes

What I did: Imported apple notes

What happened: Exactly nothing

What I expected: Folders imported

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Apple Notes, macOS Catalina 10.15.2 Beta (19C39d).

Sorry about this. A few people have mentioned it.

Did you see a message appear asking if you allow Agenda to access Notes? A message from the system?

Another way to get the notes across is to install Exporter from the Mac App Store. It will export the Apple Notes as markdown, and you can then import into Agenda.

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Yes, I saw the message and clicked on accept it and apparently it was successful, but I did not obtain satisfactory result in the import, ie, nothing.

What is the name of the app to export Apple Notes as markdown?


Sorry for my mistakes, the app " EXPORTER" from, is not available in my country (Brazil).

Do you know another alternative?

Hmm, it looks like Exporter has been removed from sale, as well as another Apple Notes export program. I have a bad feeling that Apple may have blocked the apple scripting needed for this, and that is why it is also failing in Agenda.

We will investigate. It could be that this is curtains for the Apple Notes import :frowning:

Hi there, first time (free) user… like the app but not able to complete the import of Apple Notes. The command executes through the File > Import menu - then the progress bar stalls halfway… I left it about 5 mins but nothing happened. Tried again after enabling Agenda access for everything through security and privacy settings - still same result - had to kill it. Also tried a workaround via Exporter App + .md files - although this time the import option here does work - it does not recognise files in folders - so only works one-at-a-time… not so useful afterall! Quite disappointing as I think this is the app for me but without continuity with Apple notes its a non-starter. Feedback welcome - mac OSX Catalina 10.15.5

I’m afraid transferring notes between apps is always a pain in the neck. They all use different formats, and have different semantics. Agenda has a very date oriented design, which is already quite far from apple notes. And Apple Notes also doesn’t give us any formatting info, such as headings, lists etc.

So even if it worked perfectly, it would be imperfect. In fact, I think Agenda is the only note taking app that even provides the Apple Notes import option. Most don’t bother.

For now, Exporter is still your best bet. Or continue to use Apple Notes for certain types of notes, and use Agenda for project oriented work.

We will try to make the import from Apple Notes more efficient in future. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi Drew,

I hear you, I think you are doing a great job and Apple is not helping! I will transition to Agenda from Notes selectively - the all in one go option was tempting though. Thanks for the info


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