Problem creating event in Agenda

What I did: I tried to create a new event in Agenda. In the calendar view, I selected the calendar icon (the one that’s on top of the list), I selected a date (or a data range), clicked on the + button and choose New Event.

What happened: the calendar window closes, and that’s it.

What I expected: I would expect another window with some questions about the event I want to create.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 6.0 Premium, OSX Mojave 10.14.5, MacBook Pro 2018

Is this consistently happening? Would it be possible to take a screen recording and email it to

Same here. I’ll make a recording and send it. My own fault for running iOS 13, but there you go.

We have indeed reproduced it, we’ll try to fix it in the next update.

I just purchased the add on package, with the #1 reason being the abilty to create events on my calendar from Agenda. I have the same problem. I try to add an event to the calendar, get the beep, and that’s it. I hope we get this working soon. Thanks.

Until this is fixed it should work if you click or tap a day header in the calendar, that too should give the option to create a new event. Or tap the plus in the popover when assigning a date/linking an event to a note, that route should work as well. The issue reported here should only affect the event creation route through the filter button at the top of the related panel.

The idea is to create an event using a popup calendar. Only dates already scheduled will show on the list. I did click on a date and changed the highlighted calendar date on the popup, and that did work.

One other question: If I have a date on an event, and I want to modify it, is there a simple way to do this. For example, I’ve been using Things and if I click on the date, a popup appears and I can select a date. Also, if something
is due one day, it stays on the Today list until it is actually finished.

Finally is there a way to hide “completed” projects from the display. I see know option for checking something off as complete. Thus my list could become incredibly long always displaying everything I ever enter.

Please feel free to provide links to existing documentation on these if it exists.

This is indeed a bug we plan to fix asap. Note that you can click any day in the list and then change the date of the new event to any other day you want, it’s just a starting point in that respect.

Yes, simply tap the event or reminder in the list and you can edit and/or reschedule it. Note that this requires the premium features.

We plan to add the ability to archive notes and projects indeed.

I had subscribed to Premium before asking any questions. Your work deserves to be supported

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Thank you so much!

Me too. if there is a solution please direct me to it.

This issue should be fixed in the 6.0.1 update if I’m not mistaken.