Print to PDF with big Pictures

What I did: Create screenshot on iPad, cut it to be (portrait), add it with full-width to a note, then export or print to PDF

What happened: The Image is on the 2nd page and even not completely rendered. The Text before the image is just one sentence.

What I expected: Print to PDF all on one Page - maybe there should be an option to resize an image to fit the page manually, if this is not possible automatically.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

That is very odd. I just tested a note with big photos, and it put each photo on a different page.

Can you perhaps send a PDF with this issue, together with a screenshot showing your note in Agenda?

Does this happen with all your photos, or is there something specific to this one that is causing the issue?


I created a note - add one sentence (text) and then paste a screenshot from iPhone XR

on the Mac there is no problem - print to PDF gives the text and the image but on iOS the image is missing


OK, thanks. Will investigate.

I am not able to reproduce this. Are you certain the image just hasn’t moved to the next page of the print document?

Where are you copying the image from?

Are you on the very latest beta, from yesterday?

Yeah, just tested with a screenshot, and indeed, it gets moved to the next page because it is big. Let me know if that is not the problem.

It even does not produce a second page (have only page 1).

Odd. You can’t see any of the image at all?

When i did it, it looked like the page was empty, but I found the image on the next page.

Do you get the same issue in all cases? All images and notes?