I have used Agenda on and off for almost a year, before paying today. Thank you for making such a great app. I have tried many other applications and approaches to note taking, and Agenda is the one that sticks. I use it for meeting notes, personal research, writing articles, project planning and just jotting down ideas.

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Great to hear it is working well for you! Thank you for letting us know. It gives us a little boost to keep going with the next features :slight_smile:

Tried on iPad and like it so paid for Premium. May I suggest implementing colouring to highlight important notes and have a Pin icon for to signify notes that are pinned - occasionally I tried to move only to realised it has been pinned

I have now used up my year of premium. I have also splurged on various other software, and I have to say that Agenda is one of the investments I am most pleased with. It has kept me organized through a very rough year, and has a permanent spot in my Dock (which is not earned easily). Thank you for your great work

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That’s so nice to hear, thank you so much for sharing that! :pray: