Predictive Texts

Hi there, I absolutely love this app and am a proud subscriber. However, I’d like to request a fix to the predictive text that will make this my go-to app. When I connect to a wireless keyboard and start typing, the predictive text pop ups get in the way. There needs to be a cleaner and unobstrusive workflow to choosing words. The current workflow is a hindrance to the point that I choose type meeting or conference notes in another app where the workflow isn’t cumbersome or troublesome (ie. Day One Journal). If you need more details or a vid let me know and I’ll try to respond in a few days since I’ll be out of pocket at a work-related conference.

I am a bit confused. We just use the standard Apple predictive text. Can’t you turn that off in the Settings app? How is Agenda different to other apps?

Perhaps you can send a video to demonstrate.

Hi Drew,

I’ve been in a conference in Washington DC and haven’t been able to send you a response until now. As I type, I’m replicating the conditions I experienced the issues I reported out. I’m typing on my iPhone 8 with the latest iOS under the hood using the DictoPro 100. To be frank, I’m not experiencing any cumbersome and intrusive predictive text issues any longer. I don’t know why since after submitting the ticket, but it works fine now.

You can now officially close this out. If I experience any future issues, I’ll let you and your support team know.

Hmm, glad it is working for you. Is a bit of a mystery.

Kind regards,