Possible to drive notes w/ certain tags to multiple projects?

I wrote a note in one project based on a meeting I had with my boss. I need to keep that note in my “Boss Meetings” projects. However there is information in that note related to another project, which I have tagged with that project name (#R1Project).

Is there a way to include the boss meeting note tagged with #R1Project also in the reelated project title ‘R1 Project?

No. The approaches that I’m aware of are:

  1. Link from one note to the other
  2. Duplicate the information
  3. Tag everything and use an overview for that tag
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Personally, I think I would probably have the notes in specific projects, and simply add a tag or person tag for the boss, and then have a saved search for called “Boss Present”. So, eg, tag with person @Boss and search for that and save the search as an overview.

This is a very real challenge. When you have to spend time figuring out how to correctly log a note and the contents of that note so they show up in all the right places, you create a real barrier for usage — when I think too much about how to “do” the note correctly, I just say “nope, not gonna log it.”

I’d suggest being able to link a tag (@ or #) to a project, so that no matter where I use that tag, that note shows up in that project. That’d be killer.