Possibility of Magnifying Agenda app on Desktop?

I am loving the notes/calendar/reminders set up of Agenda. My workflow is going well at the moment, but one request is for the ability to magnify the entire app interface on the desktop version. In laptops, it is generally fine, but on large 27 inch iMac screens, the calendar/reminders feed is quite small. I was wondering if it is, or will be, possible to magnify the whole app. Not many other apps actually allow this, so I guess it isn’t easy, but some like Todoist do allow an overall magnification.

We haven’t got this at the moment, but most laptops allow you to choose a different screen resolution, so you can effectively get all the controls for all apps bigger if you wish. Maybe that is an option for you.

Kind regards,

Hello Drew

Thanks very much for the reply. I tried playing around with the general Mac zoom for all apps (under accessibility options) and it does the kind of thing I was after, but the screen quality is not so good. Not a big request or anything, as the Timeline is still very visible, and looks great by the way with the Reminders integration.

Spending some time over the next week trying to get my workflow set up. I work at a university so I love the way I can get dated notes for each class appearing in the ‘Today’ part of Agenda, notes appearing in the right place at the right time…that doesn’t happen with any other Note app I am aware of…so thanks a million for Agenda.

Great that Agenda is working well for your use case. Nice to hear!